Xero Sponsors The Bookkeepers’ Podcast

In this episode of The Bookkeepers Podcast, hosts Zoe Whitman and Jo Wood revealed an exciting collaboration with Xero, a leading cloud accounting software. The episode explores the benefits of this partnership and highlights Xero’s dedication to supporting bookkeepers and their community.

Xero’s Commitment to Bookkeepers and the UK Market

John Coldicutt, Marketing Director at Xero, joins Zoe and Jo in the podcast episode to discuss the sponsorship and shed light on Xero’s dedication to the UK market and the bookkeeping community. He emphasises Xero’s passion for nurturing the next generation of bookkeepers and their commitment to providing them with the tools and support they need to thrive.

Positive Experiences with Xero

Jo shares her personal account of the positive experiences she’s had with Xero. She expresses her admiration for Xero’s unwavering commitment to listening to their customers’ needs and constantly refining their software accordingly.

Jo and Zoe discuss some of the initiatives that Xero has sponsored to support bookkeepers and small businesses. They mention the incredible Bookkeepers Base Camp sponsored by Xero at Accountex, which was a great way for bookkeepers to connect. Additionally, they discussed the popular Xero Power Hours organised in their Success Lounge community, where bookkeepers can receive invaluable guidance and support from industry experts.

Shared Values of The Bookkeepers’ Podcast

The partnership between The Bookkeepers Podcast and Xero is characterised by a shared goal of uplifting bookkeepers and small businesses. Jo expressed her confidence in Xero as the preferred software for her clients at Jo Wood Virtual FD, believing it offers the ultimate choice in cloud accounting solutions. They commend Xero for its user-friendly interface, powerful features, and continuous innovation based on customer feedback.

Don’t miss out on this engaging podcast episode where Zoe, Jo, and John Coldicutt delve into the exciting partnership between Xero and The Bookkeepers Podcast. This collaboration signifies a shared commitment to supporting bookkeepers, empowering small businesses, and embracing the potential of cloud accounting software. Bookkeepers looking to enhance their practices and find more clients will find inspiration and valuable insights from this episode.

Listen to the episode here.

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