The Best Podcasts of 2022

Wow, it’s almost 2023!

We’re excited about getting ready for the year ahead, with new dreams, new resolutions and new goals but we also know how important it is to reflect on just how much we’ve achieved in the last twelve months.

To say thank you for being part of this amazing year, we thought we’d share our top episodes of The Bookkeepers’ Podcast. So keep this browser window open or copy the list to your phone notes so you can enjoy these episodes of The Bookkeepers’ Podcast during your downtime this holiday.

Below you’ll find links to the episodes on Soundcloud, but if you’re a Spotify user you can listen to the full Spotify playlist we created for you, OR if you prefer video you can watch the episodes back to back on this YouTube Playlist.

Listen on Soundcloud

#10 Episode 175: How to market your bookkeeping services with Andrew and Pete

#9 Episode 155:How to build a high performing team with Melissa Curren

#8 Episode 134: Why Bookkeepers’ should declutter

#7 Episode 141: How to raise your profile as an expert on LinkedIn with Ashley Leeds

#6 Episode 144: Kim Sones: How I built my successful bookkeeping practice

#5 Episode 156 – Building and marketing my practice with Rebecca Williams

#4 Episode 152 – How to build confidence to share your business story with Nick Elston

#3 Episode 147 – How I’m building my successful practice with Steph Merrill

#2 Episode 169 – Pricing Bookkeeping Services with James Ashford of GoProposal by Sage #1 Episode 136 – How to start a bookkeeping practice in 2022 with Sarah Twigg We can’t wait to bring you more amazing episodes of The Bookkeepers’ Podcast in the New Year.

Have an amazing festive break.

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