Messages from happy members

The 6 Figure Bookkeepers 6 Month Success Programme is a-maz-ing! Although I’d been a bookkeeper for 15 years, I never felt I was running my own business, it was more like I’d created a job for myself. The programme will not teach you to be a bookkeeper – but it will teach you how to set up, run and grow a bookkeeping practice. Since being on the programme my business has changed massively. Having the additional support of the 6 Figure Success Lounge has meant my confidence has grown. There’s always someone available to help, guide and support you. My only wish is that I had joined 6FB when I first heard about them, rather than sitting on the fence for way too long!

Many thanks
Kirsty Andrews
Breathe Bookkeeping

The Success Lounge has given me the confidence to get out of my comfort zone and start offering other services. It is a safe space where no question is stupid and advise is always readily received. Jo and Zoe are always ready for a motivational chat and the wisdom and experience they have passed on has been invaluable. The 6 month Success Programme has given me the opportunity to expand and to understand more about my ideal client and possible niche. It has helped with my branding and getting my name out there. I would not have been feeling this confident without it.



The Legends that are Jo & Zoe have made a massive impact on my business and the way I have put my processes in place. The speakers that they carefully plan to help us via the Success Lounge have been phenomenal. My confidence has grown massively whilst being part of the 6FB and certainly wouldn’t have done it without them and the incredibly supportive community.

I recommend this group to anyone who is thinking about setting up or even struggling whilst running or setting up their practice. I can honestly say I don’t know where I would be without them. I wish they had been around when I initially tried to set up my bookkeeping business back in 2009 xx

The 6 Month Success Programme is the missing piece of the puzzle to growing the Bookkeeping Business that you desire.
Sure, you have the technical ground work skills from your exams and training but there’s nobody to tell you all about marketing, pricing, employing, subcontracting, ideal client, software etc etc.
You can also join in an array of weekly and monthly Zoom calls that cover pretty much everything you need from mindset to Q&As.

Being in the Success Lounge has made all the difference to me and my business. You would not believe some of the personal, deep and wholly unique conversations that go on in this special group. There is nothing like having a group that feels like colleagues surrounding you, supporting you, joining you in riding all those waves that come with running a business. All of my subcontractors come from the group and I am following in other’s footsteps in employing staff now. We are all on a similar journey but at different stages of it, I learn from people that are ahead of me and share my experiences and knowledge with those who are coming up behind me.
Sure, you can try and share your trials and tribulations with your family and friends but nobody really gets it like members of the Success Lounge.

I’ve found the Success Lounge a huge help since joining and to be honest, I’d just missed all the boot camp back in March 2020 but managed to get in on the final evening and bought everything as a lump sum. That then gave me so much to do that it was a bit of overwhelm. I’ve had two staff, one on marketing who I thought could look through that side of things but so much came so fast that it wasn’t until earlier this year (I think) that I decided to launch myself into the Success programme having been on the Wales Retreat in Autumn last year, and was about to have the follow up call but hadn’t get myself organised as I kept thinking about not having done that course, which so many kept referring to. So I did the course in a week, wrote up loads of notes to follow up with one or two things and also because I learn more if I write stuff down as I go. I didn’t need to do all the actions as I’m an established business but it still highlighted many areas where I could improve and I also learnt a lot that I hadn’t thought about or there was a better way to do something. So even though this may seem to be for new businesses, there’s also a lot for established businesses too.

The people in the Success Lounge are very friendly and once someone finds their voice and moves from being shy/viewing only initially, it’s amazing just how much knowledge is pooled and I think the collaborative mentality we all have is what’s key to the continual growth and improvement we all find between us. The shares are an amazing mix of horror/fear / love / Wows/support/care / encouragement etc and we often benefit from someone elses share that we hadn’t thought about. It’s truly amazing and I wouldn’t be without it.

I’ve also found some direct support and learning from another member who has become a very valued addition to my personal growth and my business growth, helping me to move to a new level and achieve something I only dreamed about previously.

I have absolutely loved being apart of the success lounge & there’s no doubt I will be leaving anytime soon. It’s saved my bloody life & I will always be very grateful of Jo, Zoe & the rest of the team. I’ve got all my socials set up, website set up, pricing & services established, onboarding process set, taken on 6 clients just hit £2.5k MRR this week! I am now earning more than I ever have in employment yet only work 3 days a week! I’ve had a lot of personal issues going on, even before joining 6FB & more so the past 2 months but through what I have learnt within this community it has been a God send as I’ve been able to take off all the time I’ve needed. I have found MY people through this community & will be forever grateful for Jo & Zoe.


Where to start! I had been running my business alone for 10 years before I came across the 6FB group and Jo & Zoe. I was feeling a bit stuck, isolated, and needed some help with direction and getting my mojo back! After speaking to Jo initially and then Zoe and then joining the Bootcamp in March 2022 I instantly wanted some of what they and the others in the group had. Being part of the group has helped me grow not only my business but my own self-belief and myself as person! The community is like no other I have come across and it’s all about friendships and collaborations. There is a real sense of respect, trust, honesty and integrity across the group and its members, this is very important to me as these are my core values in life and business. In the last year I have made some big changes out of my comfort zone which I probably wouldn’t have without the support from the group. I have made some amazing friends along the way too who are always ready to help whenever I’m having a wobble! I would like to thank Jo, Zoe and the 6FB members for all their help and continued support.

Kind regards