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6 Figure Mindset Challenge

Free six figure mindset challenge with Jo Wood and Zoe Whitman

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Do you have a 6 figure mindset?

Have you ever thought about what your mindset might be costing your business, or you and your family? This online training event is a must if... - You are anxious about money - You feel there is never enough money - You have hit a earnings plateau in your business you can't break through - When you do well in business, you feel like it's too good to be true - And maybe you're afraid to spend the money you've earned - You find selling your services uncomfortable - You hate pricing conversations - You never seem to be able to advance because you always spend what you make - You know you are holding yourself back but you don't understand why Over the week you will... - Attend daily sessions with powerful sessions which will help you build your six-figure mindset - Create a vision and an action plan for your financial goals in business - Which you don't feel shame or guilt to pursue - Understand the mindset blocks which are stopping you achieving your full potential so you can move past them - Discover the habits which are keeping you financially stuck This is a free virtual event for bookkeepers who want to work on their money mindset so they can reach higher income targets in their business. Jo Wood and Zoe Whitman will be bringing you daily trainings to help you understand your money stories, the mindset this has created so far and help you set future goals without unhelpful beliefs about what that will mean. All trainings will be delivered in an exclusive Facebook group.

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