The best customer service I've ever received

I went for dinner with my husband when I was pregnant. It was our wedding anniversary and we went to a local Michelin Star restaurant which had a lovely taster menu.

There were a few things I wasn't sure I should be eating, so when the waiter came to take our order and asked whether we had any dietary requirements I told him about my pregnancy. He disappeared to the kitchen where he spoke to the chef and when he returned he told me exactly what they'd change and what they'd offer instead.

It was fantastic. I was impressed.

And in my bookkeeping practice I always tried to bring that high level of confidence and decisiveness, reassuring my clients I was in control and that they were being looked after.

What was particularly striking about this though was that the waiter didn't give me a choice. He just told me what I'd eat. They'd substitute one choice for another. I didn't need to ask questions, he and the chef knew best.

And there is a danger that in pursuit of great customer service, we bend over backwards to give our clients anything and everything when actually sometimes it's better that we calmly and confidently take control.


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