Is this your catapult?

So a post went up in our Facebook group. You might have seen it. I asked: "which one thing would help you catapult your business right now?" Catapult?

I think I meant "accelerate", or "be the catalyst you need"... something like that. I admit it. I was tired. It was early. I'd probably been woken up at 4am by a wriggly 1 year old. And catapult was the word my fingers wanted to type while I pretended to watch Bing as I did some social media admin while half-hiding my phone behind a cushion so nobody used it as a teething toy. Anyway. You know where I was coming from. There were a lot of answers. Staff. Customers. Money. Clarity over services. Time. Networking. Money. I know, I added that one twice because it came up so much. And (as well as money), there was a theme running through so many of the comments that made us know we just had to put something together for bookkeepers. We realised we needed to bring together what we've learnt, the wisdom of the experts, the learnings of other bookkeepers, and share it with you. We realised we need to bring this great community we've built together by sharing something which is going to help you accelerate as we end this intense and challenging year. And that's why starting 21st September we'll be hosting a special event for you in The 6 Figure Bookkeepers' Club. It's our Bookkeepers' Bootcamp, it runs until 30th September and we so hope you'll join us.  We have 10 days of live teachings, workshops, special podcasts, guest experts, Q&As, and even a giveaway or two.  We (obviously) think it's going to be great. And we know you're busy, we know you have so much going on (let's not even get started on what September furlough payroll madness is going to look like). But if you make the time for this, you'll be taking a huge leap towards getting whatever it was you told us you needed to catapult your business. It will also help you see that you're not alone. One of the things it's easy to forget when you start the journey to running your practice.  So, join us on 21st September. Book 8pm out of your diary every day until 30th September. There are other sessions too, but make 8pm a priority. You'll thank us for it. No more holding back. There's a whole quarter of 2020 left to go yet, and you can do a LOT in 90 days. Sign up for the bootcamp at and tell a friend because if they sign up and mention you, you'll get an entry into our prize draw to win a 1 hour 1-1 with us. 

See you there!

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