Is this stopping you getting more clients?

When I started my bookkeeping business, I was prepared to take on any work from anybody who would pay me (within reason!). 

Working for any Tom, Dick and Harry though meant I couldn't refine my offering, I couldn't do one thing really really well.

But once I got really good in one area (my expertise by the way was in working with service based creative businesses in Xero + Futrli), knowing who I loved to work with helped me:

- get clear on my services 

- get clear on my target audience

 - get clear on how to price 

- get clear on where to target my marketing

And it's that final point, getting clear on where to target my marketing which made it easy to start conversations with the right people, and get more clients. 

If you want to know more about niching, you might enjoy the podcast we recorded with Amanda C Watts.


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