Is confidence holding you back?

When I started my bookkeeping practice I really lacked confidence. Despite having worked as an accountant for 16 years in some quite senior positions, there was something about putting myself out there as a business owner which made me quite nervous. 

What if I make a mistake?

What if I'm not any good at it?

I've never sold anything in my life, how am I going to sell?

What will people in my network think of me for changing direction?

And I wish I could tell you there was a secret to getting over those feelings and thoughts, that fear. 

But there wasn't. I had to grit my teeth and push ahead. I could make sure I was good at my job, I could make sure I didn't make a mistake (as much as is reasonably possible to do that anyway) by making sure I was well trained. But the bit about worrying what people thought? The bit about getting confidence to sell? 

I had to just do it. 

And it took courage. 

And I'd lose my nerve all the time.

But I persevered. 

I think one of the things I lacked was community. A friendly person in my network to help me along, somebody I could ask the "stupid questions" of, who wouldn't mind, who would encourage me.

That's why we set up the 6 Figure Bookkeeper. To create the community where you can build your business and build your business skills and the confidence to go with it.

I hope you'll join us in our group if you haven't already.


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