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How to offer advisory services to your clients

Would you like to know more about offering advisory services to your clients?

In this episode of The Bookkeepers' Podcast, we're joined by Vangelis Kyriazis from Syft Analytics to discuss how bookkeepers can offer advisory services, specifically during the recession.

You'll learn:

  • What we mean by advisory services

  • Whether every client needs advisory services

  • How to tailor advisory services to the needs of a business during the recession

  • How to sell advisory services

  • Specific information to include on a one-page summary

  • Why advisory services means more than calculating a few ratios

Time stamps

0:00 Introduction

1:46 Vangelis's background in building his practice and the need for a customised analytical tool for advisory reporting

4:20 Does every client need advisory services?

9:50 How to get started with advisory services

12:50 How to have conversations with your clients about advisory services

16:55 Which information is most valuable for bookkeeping clients during a recession

22:00 How to sit at the table with your client business owner to business owner

23:48 How to introduce advisory services to your clients

25:11 The value of a tangible report for your clients

28:55 About Syft Analytics

30:30 How machine learning will change bookkeeping and advisory

There were some great gems of information in this episode and we hope you find it useful as you consider how to support your clients during this time.


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