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How to manage overwhelm before the holidays

How are you managing this holiday season with the excitement of the holidays around the corner but the pile of tax returns on your desk?

Overwhelm has been a big topic in The 6 Figure Bookkeepers' Club this week and knowing you might be looking for some advice to manage the coming weeks, this episode of The Bookkeepers' Podcast is dedicated to helping you feel less overwhelmed and more prepared.

In this episode of The Bookkeepers' Podcast, we share our advice for managing overwhelm during the tax season so you can feel more organised and in control - and take a well earned break.

We also discuss:

➡️ The top indicators of burnout

➡️ Practical tips to prioritise wellness in your day

➡️ Top productivity hacks to help you prioritise what matters and get focused

➡️ How to prepare your clients for your break from the office

➡️ How to cope with the temptation to be in your inbox

➡️ How to provide great customer service even when you’re not working

➡️ How to feel calm and take control of your diary for 2023

If you've been feeling overwhelmed with your bookkeeping workload this month, let this conversation uplift you as you head into the holidays.

Episode Highlights:

1:35 The overwhelm conversation in The 6 Figure Bookkeepers' Club and the dread of going back to work after a break

3:00 If you're a mum with young children, we absolutely understand the mental load of the nativities, outfits, Christmas dinner planning you have to manage right now

4:50 How Jo's started to notice the signs of overwhelm and what that might look like for you and how knowing your ideal client can help you feel less overwhelmed

7:40 The perception of perfectionism we build through social media during the festive season, and the pressure this creates for us - plus some reality checks!

11:25 Tips for managing your feelings of overwhelm right now - spoiler alert - start with a brain dump

14:20 Getting your clients ready for you to take some time out, how to communicate with them and manage expectations

19:25 How to clear out your legacy appointments and take control of your diary and calendar for the future.

22:20 How knowing your values helps you feel aligned in your business and life.

24:25 How knowing her boundaries helps Jo run a business around her family from home.

26:00 How to start communicating with your clients about your holiday plans TODAY.

27:00 Why Jo's booked her client meetings for January already and how that's helping her manage the workload in her bookkeeping practice.


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