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How to find time for CPD

In this episode of The Bookkeepers' Podcast we speak to Gem Malek from FreeAgent about CPD and FreeAgent's annual Bookkeepers' Boost Week event.

In this interview, we demystify Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and its role in enhancing bookkeepers' professional competence and keeping them abreast of industry changes.

We share practical tips for incorporating continuous learning into bookkeepers' routines and discuss the importance of creating an annual CPD plan to ensure structured professional development.

Finally, we discuss the importance of self-accountability in training and professional development, highlighting how dedication and commitment to learning can propel bookkeepers' growth and career success.

Register for Bookkeepers' Boost week at

Time Stamps

0:00 Introduction

1:45 About Bookkeepers' Boost Week

4:55 What is CPD?

5:55 Tips for staying on top of CPD through the year

10:10 How to make an annual CPD plan

15:55 The opportunities to build community through continuous learning

18:00 How to register for Bookkeepers' Boost week

19:10 The importance of holding yourself accountable to training


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