Here's what work-life balance looks like for Zoe

I started my bookkeeping practice to get flexibility around my children. But I also needed some time for me. 

One of the great things about working for for yourself is that you get to decide what your day looks like and this is how I planned out mine.

Some awful early hour: wake up with one or both children

Drink coffee

7:30 Take the children to nursery

8:00 Head to the gym 

9:00 Arrive in the office

1:45 Leave to collect the children

Spend the afternoon at home

It wasn't perfect, I always felt there was more to do, and I'd work some evenings and a few hours over the weekends, but being able to set my own schedule allowed the flexibility I needed. 

Are you working 9-5 or have you build in some flexibility to allow you to do what you want and need to do?


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