Do you want to know who coached us?

We've both worked with coaches. At different times and for different reasons, we've each reached out for support.

To someone who's been there and done it.

To someone with more worldly experience.

To someone who could give us their objective opinion of what we needed to do to get ahead.

Between us we've spent a lot of money and time working with coaches who've helped us advance in our lives and businesses. We don't think coaches are always honest about that, and as willing as us to share that they've needed guidance too. But we think it's important to share this, because if you're early in your journey of building your business, you might be feeling overwhelmed. You might be wondering when you'll ever have all of the knowledge you need, the mindset you need, the business skills you need.

And the honest truth is that it takes time and you'll form your strategies and opinions by working with and learning from others, whether that means working with a coach or being a member of communities like The 6 Figure Bookkeepers' Club. 

So who have we worked with?

And what did we learn from them?

1. Jo's business coach: helped her to systemise her business and taught her the importance of working on the business and not in it.

2. Zoe's business coach: held her accountable, challenged her to measure her performance and test what was and wasn't working.

3. Jo's online business coach: taught her about building an audience online, taught her about personal branding and dreaming big

4. Zoe's marketing coach: taught her about building services for customer segments, helped her identify appropriate marketing strategies for each segment

5. Jo's health coach: taught her to be curious about why she thinks and acts the way she does and to love and respect her body.

6. Zoe's mindset coach: taught her techniques for happiness and positivity.

That's a lot of coaching. 

And we tell you this for no reason other than to show that it's ok to feel that there are things you don't know yet. And hey, we've had two of our coaches on our podcast already. A great source of inspiration, think of these episodes as a little coaching hug from us to you. 

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