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The Bookkeepers' Podcast

Join us every week to hear from business experts who will help you build your Bookkeeping Practice.

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The Bookkeepers' Podcast Latest Episodes

Episode 170 Why you need to build a brand for your bookkeeping business
Episode 169 Pricing bookkeeping services with James Ashford
Episode 168 How I'm building my bookkeeping practice with Laura Day-Henderson
Episode 167 How I'm building my bookkeeping practice with Julianna Nagy
Episode 166 How I'm pricing with Karen Kennedy & Emma James
Episode 165 Pricing your services with confidence with Pete Scott
Episode 164 How to turn connections into paying clients with Ashley Leeds
Episode 163 How I'm building my bookkeeping practice with Kath Vincent
Episode 162 Early morning routine and goal setting with Nikki Gundy
Episode 161 How I'm building my bookkeeping practice with Sophie Davis
Episode 160 Iris Elements with Elizabeth Carter
Episode 159 What you need to know about Bookkeepers' Bootcamp
Episode 158 What you need to know about Boost Week (FreeAgent)
Episode 157 How to achieve anything with Scott Gregory
Episode 156 Building and managing my practice with Rebecca Williams
Episode 155 How to build a high performing team with Melissa Curren
Episode 154 What you need to know about Accountex
Episode 153 How to get started with advisory services
Episode 152 How to build confidence to share your business story
Episode 151 Should bookkeepers attend the Digital Accountancy Show?
Episode 150 How to prioritise wellness in business
Episode 149 The benefits of choosing a niche accountancy software
Episode 148 What MTD means for Bookkeepers
Episode 147 How I'm building my successful practice with Steph Merrill
Episode 146 How to stop your mindset from sabotaging you business with Osmaan Sharif
Episode 145 Pricing value into bookkeeping packages with James Ashford
Episode 144 How I built my successful bookkeeping practice with Kim Sones
Episode 143 How to build confidence and trust in yourself
Episode 142 How I'm building my bookkeeping practice with Leanda Daddow
Episode 141 How to raise your profile as an expert on LinkedIn with Ashley Leeds
Episode 140 How to overcome imposter syndrome so you can be more visible
Episode 139 Sales Confidence Masterclass with Pete Scott
Episode 138 What you need to know about the Women In Accounting Awards
Episode 137 Inside The Bookkeepers' Accountability Package
Episode 136 How to start a bookkeeping practice in 2022 with Sarah Twigg

Episode 135 How to build your bookkeeping practice with Senta by Iris practice management software
Episode 134 Why bookkeepers should declutter
Episode 133 How to use email to grow your bookkeeping business with Rob and Kennedy 
Episode 132 How bookkeepers can use colour psychology in their branding with Michelle Lewis
Episode 131 What bookkeepers need to know about websites with Limarah Crathorne 
Episode 130 The changing role of technology for bookkeepers and accountants with Jim Scott of Iris
Episode 129 How Dext helps you build your bookkeeping practice 
Episode 128 How the right software can give you confidence
Episode 127 How to build MTD confidence with Gem Malek of FreeAgent
Episode 126 How to be heard by your ideal client with Dani Wallace
Episode 124 How I'm building my practice with Kristy Glenister
Episode 123 How to increase your fees with confidence
Episode 122 Selling with confidence with Rachael Howourth
Episode 121 How to turn your business ideas into action with Hannah Roper
Episode 120 How to price with confidence with James Ashford of Go Proposal
Episode 119 Increasing your confidence with CPD - with The CPD Store
Episode 118 Sales and mindset training with Ashley Leeds
Episode 117 How to create a game plan for your business with Baiju Solanki
Episode 116 Time management advice or bookkeepers with Abigail Barnes
Episode 115 How to achieve your full potential as an entrepreneur with Baiju Solanki
Episode 114 AccountingWEB Live Expo with Mike Goldsmith and Jo Birtwhistle
Episode 113 Marketing for Beginners with Richard Fletcher
Episode 112 How bookkeepers can respond to the MTD Delay with Chris Downing of Sage
Episode 111 How bookkeepers can make more confident sales with Rachael Howourth
Episode 110 How bookkeepers can niche with Robin Waite
Episode 109 How to standardise bookkeeping business processes with Caroline Cant
Episode 108 How to gamify your bookkeeping practice with Kimba Cooper
Episode 107 How bookkeepers can avoid overwhelm
Episode 106 How bookkeepers can learn from client feedback
Episode 105 How to get noticed with an atomic marketing strategy with Andrew and Pete
Episode 104 How I built my successful practice in less than a year with Karen Kennedy
Episode 103 Inside my business with Craig Moore
Episode 102 Creating social media content with confidence with Janet Murray
Episode 101 How bookkeepers can overcome self doubt with Ruth Petralifi
Episode 100 How I launched my bookkeeping practice with Nicola Fallon
Episode 99 How bookkeepers can use LinkedIn with Ashley Leeds
Episode 98 How I grew to nearly 6 figures in less than a year
Episode 96 How rebranding boosted my business with Krishna Patel
Episode 95 How bookkeepers can use social media 
Episode 94 How bookkeepers can use podcasting with Anna Parker-Naples
Episode 93 How bookkeepers are using Instagram with Kathryn Frimond
Episode 92 Facebook vs Instragram with Richard Fletcher

Episode 91 How to build engagement with your audience with Lisa Johnson
Episode 90 Clubhouse for bookkeepers with Lynsey Treharne
Episode 89 How to Smash your goals with Alison Edgar MBE
Episode 88 Bookkeeping for digital transactions with Adrian Blair of Dext
Episode 87 How bookkeepers can be more innovative with Caroline Plumb OBE
Episode 86 Marketing for bookkeepers with Andrew and Pete
Episode 85 Branding and Design for bookkeepers with Christine Kavanagh
Episode 84 How to find time for new software with Go Proposal
Episode 83 How to niche your bookkeeping practice with Kathryn Frimond
Episode 82 How to keep motivated over the holidays
Episode 81 How to add a payroll service with Rachel Hynes of Brightpay
Episode 80 How to build your network with Faye Dicker of Freelance Mum
Episode 79 How bookkeepers can build confidence on camera with Elsewine Rietveld
Episode 78 Why bookkeepers need a website with Amy Stevens of Anorak Cat
Episode 77 First steps for growing your bookkeeping practice
Episode 76 How bookkeepers can add a Power Hour with Catherine Gladwyn
Episode 75 Bookkeepers with Style with Lisa Talbot
Episode 74 A day in the life of a bookkeeper
Episode 73 From nurse to bookkeeper
Episode 72 How can bookkeepers use copywriting to promote their businesses?
Episode 71 Interview with Louise Ball from Eleven Accounts Services
Episode 70 Interview with Dave Shannon from Drive Ahead Bookkeeping
Episode 69 How bookkeepers can become more financially independent with Catherine Morgan
Episode 68 How bookkeepers can create FOMO for their services with May King Tsang
Episode 67 How bookkeepers can push through the VAT threshold with confidence with Rachel Allen
Episode 66
How bookkeepers can find clients on Instagram with Rachel Martin

Episode 65 Inspirational bookkeeper stories with Aleatha Nash
Episode 64 How to get confident with PR with Michelle and Christian Ewen
Episode 63 How to build confidence with your personal finances with Laura Weston
Episode 62 How to show up online and share your story with Jojo Graham
Episode 61 How to upgrade your bookkeeping services with Hannah Dawson of Futrli
Episode 60 Inspirational bookkeeper stories with Caroline Cant
Episode 59 Visualising your future with Jenny Schlueter
Episode 58 How bookkeepers can overcome adversity with Carl Reader
Episode 57 How to build a 6 figure mindset with Abigail Rogers
Episode 56 How bookkeepers can uplevel their self belief with Jojo Ellis
Episode 55 How bookkeepers can manage clients' cashflow with Sinead McHale of Satago
Episode 54 How bookkeepers can perfect their pricing strategies with May James
Episode 53 Everything you need to know about Bookkeepers' Boost week with FreeAgent
Episode 52 How bookkeepers can collaborate with IFAs with Rebecca Robertson
Episode 51 How bookkeepers can protect themselves and their clients with Suzanne Dibble
Episode 50 How simplicity can help bookkeepers succeed with Jojo Graham
Episode 49 Selling Bookkeeping Services with Pete Scott, Ultimate Sales Academy
Episode 48 Advisory Services with Hannah Dawson, Futrli
Episode 47 Surviving Lockdown 3.0
Episode 46 Introducing the Bookkeepers' Startup Programme
Episode 45 2021 Goals for Bookkeepers 
Episode 44 What Bookkeepers need to know about practice licenses with Radha Garg, ACCA
Episode 43 How tech can be your superhero cape with Kevin Lord, FreeAgent
Episode 42 Where qualifications can take you as a bookkeeper
Episode 41 Why it pays to be a member of a professional body with Ami Copeland, ICB
Episode 40 How software account managers can help bookkeepers to build their businesses
Episode 39 How bookkeepers can get their clients through a second lockdown
Episode 38 What bookkeepers need to know about CPD
Episode 37 How bookkeepers can 'Boss it' with Carl Reader
Episode 36 How bookkeepers can streamline with integrations and apps
Episode 35 How bookkeepers are the future with Gary Turner, Xero
Episode 34 How to leave your day job and launch your own bookkeeping practice
Episode 33 How bookkeepers can use press exposure in their bookkeeping businesses with Michelle and Christian Ewen
Episode 32 How bookkeepers can overcome imposter syndrome with Jojo Ellis
Episode 31 Sales skills for bookkeepers with Pete Scott
Episode 30 Bookkeepers Bootcamp Lineup
Episode 29 Professional photography for bookkeepers with Kirsty Northover
Episode 28 How bookkeepers can train their clients with Emma James
Episode 27 How bookkeepers can improve communication and use video with Alex Bond Burnett
Episode 26 How bookkeepers can deal with negative feedback with Megan Chapman
Episode 24 Mindset and confidence for bookkeepers with Abigail Rogers
Episode 23 How to run a grown up business with Shirley Mansfield
Episode 22 How bookkeepers can use Facebook to find clients
Episode 21 How to use Instagram to market your bookkeeping business
Episode 20 Setting minimum prices with Laura Taylor
Episode 19 How to see your value as a bookkeeper with Natasha Everard
Episode 18 How bookkeepers can use LinkedIn to find clients
Episode 17 Pricing tips for bookkeepers with Della Hudson 
Episode 16 How bookkeepers can build their mindsets for success with James Ashford
Episode 15 How bookkeepers can build their brand and niche with Amanda C Watts
Episode 14 How bookkeepers can streamline their business processes with Sarah Newland
Episode 13 How to add advisory services to your bookkeeping offering with Sam Fairbairn
Episode 12 How bookkeepers can get the most out of online learning with Trent McLaren
Episode 11 How to write awards entries which will get your bookkeeping practice noticed
Episode 10 Self care for bookkeepers. Practical tips for your mental health during lockdown. 

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