The 6 Figure Bookkeeper Pledge

What is The 6 Figure Bookkeeper Pledge?

At The 6 Figure Bookkeeper, we always thought that our purpose was to help the economy. We believe that if bookkeepers run better businesses, they can help their families, but they can also help the economy.

But when challenged on our purpose, we realised it’s so much more than that.

The 6 Figure Bookkeeper Pledge

We are on a mission to positively impact 1,000,000 children in poverty by teaching parents to run better businesses. Jo and Zoe have personal reasons to fulfil that goal, and we have set out to contribute to missions that fulfil these goals, starting with our impact through The 6 Month Success Programme.

Our Progress

The Projects

We are carefully selecting projects that impact the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal of No Poverty: ending poverty in all forms, everywhere. The projects we support also have positive impacts on causes such as empowering women and girls and providing sustainable work, all values that run through the programmes we offer at The 6 Figure Bookkeeper.

Thank you for supporting The 6 Figure Bookkeeper Pledge

Thank you for reading about The 6 Figure Bookkeeper Pledge. We’d like to make a contribution on your behalf.

By clicking the link below, we will automatically make a donation to B1G1, Business For Good. This donation will give people in Ethiopia clean water that is absent of water-borne diseases for one day. The provision of clean and hygienic water reduces a woman’s average daily water collection time; effectively reduces child mortality rates from water-borne diseases and allows girls to receive a proper education instead of spending their time collecting water.

Donations like this are built into our courses and programmes and will become a fundamental part of our ongoing activities at The 6 Figure Bookkeeper. This page is updated in real time, so keep checking back for updates.

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