Offering payroll as a bookkeeping service

In this episode of The Bookkeepers’ Podcast, Jo Wood was joined by Rachel Quinn of Bright to talk about how payroll as a service is helping bookkeepers to grow their practices. Jo was also joined by her husband and business partner Paul Wood who looks after the payroll function at Jo Wood Virtual FD Ltd.

Episode Highlights And Takeaways:

Should you run payroll from within your accounts software or use an external piece of software. Jo believes that payroll should be treated as a completely separate service run by payroll experts, but how does that work in practice for small practices?

On this episode of The Bookkeepers Podcast we loved speaking to Paul Wood of Jo Wood Virtual FD and Rachel Quinn of Bright about everything from pricing payroll to submitting payroll at the click of a button, to integrations between different accounts tools.

We think you’ll love this episode. We covered:

  • Why payroll shouldn’t be charged at an hourly rate
  • How the value of payroll should be discussed with your clients
  • Whether to run payroll within your accounts software or through an external software
  • Recent changes for Bright, acquisitions and connectivity with Accountancy Manager and BTC
  • Practical questions about elements of Bright including the move to the cloud


0:00 Introduction
0:31 Introduction to Bright
2:50 Paul Wood’s role at Jo Wood Virtual FD
4:20 Is it best to run payroll within your accounts software or externally
6:20 The advantages of a payroll bureau
9:27 Can bookkeeping be a profitable service?
12:33 How does batch processing work in Bright?
16:12 Upcoming changes for Bright
26:10 What are the benefits for practices of offering a payroll service?

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