Bookkeepers’ Accelerator Mastermind

Get to six-figures, faster, with our eyes on your business

Imagine having a direct line to your two best friends in business to support you as you strive towards your most ambitious goals? Our knowledge, our support, a clear plan and the accountability to get there in six months.

This is the time. It’s the biggest goal you’ve ever set, and reaching it is a non-negotiable. You know you’ll get there fastest when you have two successful mentors with hands-on industry experience on your side.

Let us support you on this incredible journey.

We’ll give you the guidance, support and accountability to make your six-figure goals, a reality.

This is personal...

In 2017, Jo was made redundant from a job she loved. With three children and a mortgage to pay on her new house, she knew she had to build a six-figure business rapidly. In the Mastermind, we’ll take you on the journey to do exactly the same.

A personalised business plan.
Our eyes on your business.

We designed The 6 Month Success Programme to give bookkeepers the flexibility to build a business their way. The Accelerator Mastermind is our most prescriptive formula for building a six-figure business, rapidly.
Zoe & Jo

Bookkeeper’s Accelerator Mastermind

Build a six-figure business, faster.

The highest level of support we’ve ever been able to offer bookkeepers. Calls, meetups, our formula for success, and a direct line to us.

You’ll receive...

Two 1-1 calls

Fortnightly mastermind calls

Two in-person meet ups

Personalised business plan

Every course we’ve ever taught

A direct line to us to get our eyes on your business

Book a call today to find out whether you are a good fit, or if you have any questions about what’s included, please see our FAQs below.

Your Secret Weapon To Success

Meet your mentors

We’re Zoe Whitman and Jo Wood and we’re your coaches and mentors here at The 6 Figure Bookkeeper. We’re both busy mums and business coaches with hands on experience of building systemised businesses that generate multi-six figures in annual revenue.

We are on a mission to level the playing field in the accounting industry so that bookkeepers can see their value and charge their worth.

We’re here to help you build a profitable bookkeeping practice which works around your life.

Make It Happen

Book a call today

Fortnightly calls, meet-ups, 1-1 support and our eyes on your business.

Instalment options available.

All prices include VAT.

The Details

Here’s what you get...

There’s a £2,000 discount for existing members of The 6 Month Success Programme and instalment options available

Frequently asked questions

Book a call with our team to discuss the programme and whether it is suitable for you. A joining link will be shared if we all agree it’s a good fit.

Due to the instant access nature of this programme, we do not offer refunds.

At this level, we don’t believe you need a course. The Mastermind gives you a direct line to the two of us plus a personalised business plan to implement. We will give you access to The 6 Month Success Programme and Success Lounge, plus any other courses we believe you would benefit from but at this point, our goal isn’t to add additional training to your plate, it’s to systemise your business so you can grow to six figures.

We work with many overseas businesses, book a call and we can discuss your requirements in the session.

No. As with all coaching and mentoring programmes, results are based on your own activities and actions. Six figues may not be your goal either, and we’ll define your goal in our first 1-1 with you. If, you have done everything we’ve asked, and you don’t achieve your goal in six months, we will continue working with you for a further three months for free.

You join the mastermind for six months. You get access to six months of fortnightly calls and support from Jo and Zoe.

There is a meetup every three months. These will be in major UK cities.

Let’s Go!

Are you ready to make this choice for you?
We’re right behind you.

Let’s do this.

Jo & Zoe