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You're a determined, ambitious bookkeeper. You want to grow your business so you're able to achieve consistent £5k+ months. You want to have more freedom, to work less but creating a business which works for you, playing to your strengths and passions. Sometimes you need more than a course and if you're serious about your future, we're here to support you. 

How we will work together?

Over 12 weeks, you will work with us in a small group of no more than five bookkeepers. We'll focus on how to attract and nurture your ideal clients, develop services which serve their needs and get them results so you can retain them long term.

We will help you become who you need to be so you can build the success you're dreaming of. 

What's involved?

A twelve week programme of coaching and mentoring addressing four core principles of your business:

- Identifying and attracting your ideal client

- Services and pricing

- Systems and processes

- Outsourcing and Scaling

We'll meet for a combination of 1 hour training sessions, 2.5 hour hot-seat sessions and 1 hour accountability sessions. There will also be an element of individual coaching. You must be ready to commit to joining our sessions live and to take the time away from your business to implement what you've learnt.

Over 12 weeks, you'll spend approximately 14 hours with us and your peers, you'll also have access to us directly through Voxer. 


Our Bookkeepers' Mastermind Programme involves an investment of £1,497 or £499 per month for three months.

How can I sign up?

So we can work closely with you, so that we can understand your business and so you can get the most from your experience of working with us, The Bookkeepers' Mastermind is limited to five bookkeepers at any one time. We will be selecting bookkeepers for the Mastermind who are at a similar stage in their businesses. If you are interested in joining the next mastermind, please complete our application form below and we will get in touch. 



How would it feel to scale your business and create more impact and income? 

How would it feel if you understood what steps you needed to take and were supported in implementing what you've learnt by people who've actually done it? 

How would it feel to design a business which works for you?

How would it feel to bring in consistent revenue month-in month-out and know how to scale?

How would it feel to break down your fears and stop holding yourself back?

Certificate of Achievement - Startup Pro


Applications are now open for bookkeepers who are serious about taking action in the next three months. You must have started or completed The Bookkeepers' 6 Month Success Programme to be considered for the Bookkeepers' Mastermind. 

Thanks for your application. We will be in touch shortly.