Mastering your emotions as a bookkeeper

Networking is a crucial part of business, yet it can often be a source of anxiety and discomfort for many. In a recent podcast, Kim Searle, an emotional mastery coach, we explore the importance of emotional intelligence in networking and provide practical tips for preparing for networking events.

Understanding Emotions in Business

Understanding our early learnings and biochemical markers of emotion is important as understanding them can greatly help us achieve our desired outcomes in business and personal life. Acknowledging and addressing emotions in business is crucial, particularly when it comes to networking and selling services. The modern education system sadly often overlooks emotional intelligence and personal growth, leading to a disconnect between our logical and emotional selves.

Mastering Emotions for Networking Events

There are some great ways to prepare yourself for an upcoming event or challenge, explored in this podcast. We discuss EFT tapping for managing emotions and anxiety, we also discuss how to prepare for uncomfortable situations and we share networking tips.

Understanding the Brain

Something we love about speaking to Kim is that she always gets us thinking about our brain and we discussed how the brain creates new neural pathways through repetition, making it easier to perform tasks and create memories. We discuss the idea that created memories can be just as powerful as real ones, and that the brain prefers shortcuts to keep us safe.

Dealing with Guilt

We also discussed dealing with guilt, a worthless emotion, and encouraged listeners to acknowledge and forgive their emotions, rather than judging them. Kim shares a “hot pen exercise” as a way to communicate with the part of oneself that feels guilt and other emotions.

This podcast also includes a guided meditation, that you’re invited to listen to whenever you need a confidence boost. Access the replay here.

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