Marketing for bookkeepers

Andrew and Pete are an amazing sales and marketing duo and we were so excited to have the opportunity to speak to them for episode 175 of The Bookkeepers’ Podcast.

They shared how building your business through referrals doesn’t allow you to predict or control your business’s growth, and shared a three step process for finding clients.

Andrew and Pete went into detail on how to:

  1. Create content that creates an audience,
  2. Create hand-raiser content, and
  3. Follow up

Episode Highlights And Takeaways:

Andrew and Pete discussed how your audience can be built through any platform which feels good for you and which is used by your customers. ​

We think you’ll find this episode inspiring and value-packed if you’re ready to build your marketing strategy. We covered:

  • How to feel confident in being visible
  • How to decide which platform to use
  • What to share
  • How to build relationships online
  • Whether you should focus on networking events or online marketing
  • How to get started with marketing
  • How to plan your content (and your schedule)
  • How to get your audience to reach out to you consistently
  • How to follow up with prospects


0:00 Introduction
2:34 About Andrew and Pete
5:18 How can you start building a marketing plan
12:13 What to share in your marketing
16:00 How to be comfortable with being visible
24:23 Email marketing vs in-person networking
26:48 How to get started with marketing bookkeeping services
30:33 How to stay consistent with content creation
35:33 How to create hand-raiser content which gives you a constant stream of leads
44:58 How to follow up with prospects
53:45 About Atomicon 2023

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