Making payments through Open Banking

In this episode of The Bookkeepers’ Podcast, we are joined by Max Tapsall of Crezco to discuss how bookkeepers and their clients can use open banking to make payments.

Open banking gives an alternative to payment methods such as direct debit and bank transfer which can reduce costs for businesses. We compare open banking to other payment methods like direct debit, bank transfer, and card payments. We also discuss how businesses can use open banking payments to make international payments.

Time stamps:
0:00 Introduction
2:04 About Max Tapsall
3:45 What is open banking
9:00 How open banking helps bookkeepers get paid and helps clients get paid and pay their suppliers
12:15 Whether open banking payments replace other payment methods
22:10 How Crezco is able to offer a free payment solution
28:55 Questions from our audience

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