How to wow your clients

So you want to wow your clients? In this episode of The Bookkeepers’ Podcast we discussed the strategies that wow with Graeme Tennick.

We spoke to Graeme about what it takes to wow your clients so you can build some of the strategies into your bookkeeping practice.

Embrace Technology While Keeping the Human Touch

In today’s digital age, leveraging technology is non-negotiable for bookkeepers aiming to deliver exceptional service. Graeme highlighted the importance of finding the perfect balance between technology and personal interaction. Investing in cloud software and digital tools can streamline operations and enhance efficiency. However, it’s the human touch—personalised attention and genuine care for clients’ needs—that truly sets a service apart. Combining technological efficiency with personalised service can create a memorable experience for clients.

Tailor Your Services to Client Needs

Understanding and adapting to your clients’ unique needs and preferences is key. This means going beyond generic services to offer customized solutions that address specific challenges and goals. Whether it’s through adopting a flexible approach to work, understanding individual learning styles, or providing support tailored to personality traits, showing that you’re attuned to your clients’ specific situations can make a significant impact.

Implement Client Wowing Strategies

One effective strategy is to improve client meetings by taking detailed notes and providing summaries afterward, ensuring clients feel heard and valued. Another is to apply techniques like the “accusation audit” from Chris Voss’s “Never Split the Difference,” which can make conversations with clients more engaging and fruitful. These approaches not only demonstrate your commitment to their success but also help build deeper, more trusting relationships.

Focus on Business Growth and Legacy Planning

Bookkeepers play an important role in helping clients navigate their transformation journeys. By offering insights and support that drive businesses forward, bookkeepers can leave a lasting impact on their clients’ success. This involves not just maintaining accurate financial records but also providing strategic advice that aligns with clients’ long-term goals and aspirations.

Wowing Your Clients is About So Much More Than Just Numbers

To truly wow your clients, it’s essential to go beyond the basics of bookkeeping and financial management. By embracing technology, tailoring your services, implementing effective client engagement strategies, focusing on growth and legacy, and promoting work-life balance, you can create a service that stands out. Remember, the goal is to not only meet your clients’ expectations but to exceed them, forging lasting relationships and making a meaningful impact on their businesses and lives.

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