How to make passive income as a bookkeeper

In this episode of The Bookkeepers’ Podcast, we speak to business strategist Lisa Johnson about how bookkeepers can build passive income into their businesses. Lisa shares her expertise and insights into the world of passive income, explaining what it is and how it can be achieved by bookkeepers.

We delve into the topic of whether bookkeepers have knowledge to sell and how to differentiate between what should be sold and what should be given away. Lisa also discusses her Fabulous Foundations Course and how it can help bookkeepers to build passive income streams.

We explore how having a passive income stream can help bookkeepers to reach more people at a lower cost and the benefits of a semi-passive income stream or business. Lisa shares her tips on how to build an audience and what clues to look for when developing a passive income stream.

We also discuss whether confidence is needed before starting to build a passive income stream, and Lisa provides valuable insights on the topic. Finally, we talk about Lisa’s Race to Recurring Revenue challenge, which is a great opportunity for bookkeepers to learn more about building a passive income stream into their business.

If you’re a bookkeeper looking to increase your income and expand your business, this video is a must-watch. Lisa’s expertise and insights provide valuable information and tips on how to achieve passive income and build a successful business.

Please note that we are an affiliate for Lisa Johnson and may be paid a commission when you use our affiliate link. Join Fabulous Foundations for Free this week.

Time stamps

0:00 Introduction
0:50 About Lisa Johnson
2:40 What is passive income
5:36 How passive income is possible for bookkeepers
8:00 How to know whether you have knowledge to sell (rather than to give away)
9:10 Lisa’s Fabulous Foundations Course
14:00 How passive income can help you help more people at a lower cost
15:00 The benefits of a semi-passive income stream or business
16:38 How Lisa helps people build audiences
17:55 Whether you need confidence before you start to build a passive income stream
20:25 The clues your audience are giving you about a passive income stream
23:23 Race to Recurring Revenue challenge

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