How to help your clients in a recession

If you’re worried about how you can support your clients during the recession and how you can continue to grow your practice despite rising costs and your fear that businesses will be cutting back on everything – including bookkeeping – we think you’re going to love this episode of The Bookkeepers’ Podcast.

This week, Jo and Zoe shared practical tips for how you can help you clients.

Please remember that small businesses need bookkeepers MORE THAN EVER!

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Small businesses are facing a multitude of difficulties right now, from shortages of staff, difficulty finding employees, and financial difficulties such as paying back loans and managing debt as well as seeing impacted revenues and rising costs.

And seeing your clients facing difficulties may have you questioning the future of your own business. We need to remember that bookkeepers are just as important during difficult economic times and your services are needed regardless of financial difficulties. What you do goes beyond just bookkeeping, you are able to provide valuable insights and hold conversations about financial forecasting, cost-cutting, and analysis which gives additional value to your clients. Having these conversations and looking into the financial reports with the clients can bring more value than just simple cost cutting.

In this episode we help you connect with the practical ways you can help clients during this time. We discuss:

  • Conversations about their P&L figures
  • Credit control
  • Cash flow support
  • Dealing with legacy issues such as loan repayments post-pandemic
  • Price rises


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