How to find clients as a bookkeeper

Are you looking for more bookkeeping clients? Check out this interview to learn how Kayleigh Spowart of We County Accounts LTD is building her personal brand on social media and landing new clients.

Plus, get tips on overcoming fear, showing up authentically, and quickly attracting quality clients.

You’ve decided to start your own Bookkeeping Business. 🥳

Of course, you did a little happy dance as you completed your latest certification and set up your office space, but as you started to think about marketing and landing your first client, your knees buckled a bit.

We get it! Despite the certifications and training, every Bookkeeper Business Owner felt the same tinge of fear when bringing their business online and building a personal brand.

We have come together in this episode to help you out! 🤗 and we brought along a friend, Kayleigh Spowart of We County Accounts Ltd., to discuss:

– How to build confidence without getting stuck in the hamster wheel of “needing to know more.”

– Dispelling the marketing myths that new bookkeepers make when they enter entrepreneurship.

– What to do to find your brand’s voice and message.

– And lastly, we answer everyone’s favorite marketing question, “where do I start?”

So tune in, take notes and get ready to launch your Bookkeeping business with confidence!

Episode Highlights And Takeaways:

  • [00:0:52] Kayleigh loved her corporate career as an accountant, but after giving birth to her second child, she knew it was time to launch her business. Listen as she shares how she built her business and confidence while on maternity leave.
  • [00:03:25] Are you looking for a sign that it’s time to add the title of a business owner to your resume? Listen as we share our personal experiences and what led us to take the plunge.
  • [00:06:20] Recognizing your transferrable skills is critical in any career, but often we need to learn how to believe in our skillset. In this talk, Kayleigh shares how she overcame Imposter Syndrome through focus. She’ll explain how you can do the same to feel capable no matter your situation.
  • [00:10:30] It’s too easy to get caught up in the “I need more” mindset. Learn how to recognize fact from fiction and avoid procrastination disguised as learning.
  • [00:10:45] The mystery of marketing as a new entrepreneur- Kayleigh dispels the myths we tell ourselves and shares what’s working now in marketing for Bookkeepers.
  • [00:14:06] Your first post is like your first kiss; it’s awkward, nerve-wracking, and can easily be a disaster IF you overthink it. Hear how Kayleigh took that first step to find her brand’s voice and message and why documenting your journey is crucial to your success.
  • [00:16:03] Stuck on finding your brand’s personality? Listen as we share tips on finding your unique voice and message and what you do when you’re stuck in a creative rut.
  • [00:20:09] Social media marketing has become so cumbersome that we need to remember its primary purpose. Kayleigh shares how to keep the social aspect of social media, plus the one key factor you must consider when marketing your service.
  • [00:27:35] Launching your Bookkeeping Business? Here is how you can start marketing today, even if you have 0 followers and 0 reach.

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