How to find bookkeeping clients through networking

In our latest podcast episode, we had the pleasure of hosting Claire Johnson, a bookkeeper who has built her business without relying on social media. Instead, she turned to networking, and it’s been a game-changer for her.

Claire embraced online networking during the pandemic, which not only boosted her confidence but also connected her with clients.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing. One of the significant challenges Claire faced was dealing with clients who failed to value her services. Despite this, her passion for educating clients about their finances and helping them make informed decisions to grow their businesses remained undeterred.

Claire’s networking journey is quite impressive, having attended 112 meetings in 2020 and 99 one-to-ones in 2021. These one-to-one networking sessions provided an avenue for understanding people’s businesses better and providing helpful referrals.

Networking groups have proven invaluable for Claire, not just for knowledge acquisition and forging connections, but also for support and friendship during challenging times. Through trial and error, she visited many events and meetings before finally finding her “tribe.”

Claire shared how she incorporates social media into an otherwise in-person interaction. She uses social media for following-up, favouring platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.

Recognising the power of community, Claire has started a local networking group for small businesses and clients. The group has proven beneficial, offering support and resources to its members.

For those considering networking, Claire advises finding a group that’s fun and supportive, where you can build friendships and relationships. She shares her networking strategy of attending 8-10 events per month and prioritising those with potential clients.

Claire is a great example of somebody who has stepped out of their comfort zone. Watch the full episode.

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