How To Comfortably Raise Your Profile – Interview with Lucy Sheridan on The Bookkeepers’ Podcast

If comparison is the thief of joy, then Lucy Sheridan is its kryptonite.

Lucy is the world’s first and only Comparison Coach and has dedicated her life to helping people like us break out of the cycle of comparison-induced misery. Her remedy for healing comparison syndrome is to show clients how to show up authentically and appreciate our unique talents.

If there’s any place that Lucy’s message needs to be heard-its on Social Media!

In this episode, Lucy joins The Bookkeeper’s Podcast to talk about how we can confidently raise our profiles on social media without falling into the trap of scrolling and comparing our journies to our peers.

By the end of this episode, you will have:

  • A simple social media strategy that you can apply to your business today
  • Realistic ways to start curating content on social media
  • How to repurpose your content and grow your following

Episode Highlights And Takeaways:

  • [00:01:31] Get to know Lucy Sheridan, learn what she does as the world’s first and only Comparison Coach and how Bookkeepers can benefit from her unique approach to life and business.
  • [00:03:34] Is staying consistent with social media a struggle? Do you think “showing up” requires Vogue Magazine-level photoshoots? Lucy explains how bookkeepers can reframe their thoughts around social media success by following her 3 step system: Tune in to learn more.
  • [00:04:21] Here’s a radical thought–what if you organized your marketing around you; instead of rearranging your life around your marketing? Lucy shares how to make this revolutionary shift and the one action that makes all the difference.
  • [00:05:08] We adore Instagram but has everybody’s favorite platform lost its appeal? Learn which social media platform is projected for massive growth in 2023 and how Bookkeepers can build their influence now.
  • [00:06:21] Want to know how to create a week’s worth of content in one shot? We’ve got you covered with tips and tricks for repurposing content and curating what’s already out there. Bookkeepers, it’s time to raise your profile with ease.
  • [00:07:13] Algorithm changes got you down? Don’t be intimidated by the algorithm beast! Lucy explains how to keep your business growing despite follower counts and likes.
  • [00:08:22] No conversation about raising your profile would be complete without tips on getting back on track after you’ve let your marketing slide. Find out how Bookkeepers can get back on track after a social media hiatus by aligning your business goals to your content strategy.
  • [00:12:49] Video is the next big thing in marketing – Listen as we share a strategy for posting a video a day and answer the question every professional wants to know “how personal is too personal for social media?”
  • [00:29:29I] Hesitant about publishing content on sites like Linkedin? Here we share why Linkedin is prime social real estate for Bookkeepers, how to pivot your profile, and a strategy for using comments to build relationships.
  • [00:40:09] Would you benefit from Lucy’s services? Bookkeepers, listen in to find out how you can book a 1:1 call with Lucy and kick Comparison Syndrome to the side.


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