How the recession affects your pricing

As part of Bookkepers’ Bootcamp Jo Wood was joined by The Bookkeepers’ Podcast sponsor, GoProposal by Sage’s James Ashford to talk about how to price your services in a recession.

In this thought-provoking interview, we sit down with James Ashford to discuss how bookkeepers should approach pricing during a recession. James provides insightful advice on how to build a successful business even in tough times. He sheds light on the problem with discounting and how it can harm a business in the long run. He also shares tips on how to turn things around if you haven’t been pricing properly and emphasises the importance of taking responsibility and taking action.

James also acknowledges that standing up to your clients and repricing is a tough decision, but highlights the mindset you need to have in order to do so effectively.

Tune in to this video to gain valuable insights from James on how bookkeepers can get better at pricing and succeed in today’s economy.

0:00 Introduction
0:45 About James Ashford
7:39 James advice about building a business in a recession
14:00 The problem with discounting
15:30 How to turn things around if you haven’t been pricing properly
21:00 How to take responsibility and take action
27:00 Standing up to your clients and repricing is hard, this is the mindset you need
36:00 The importance of vision
41:00 How to manage a pushback on pricing
47:00 About GoProposal by Sage

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