How bookkeepers can charge more

Bookkeepers and accountants are typically two distinct roles, yet they can often appear interchangeably in the same conversation due to their related functions.

So why is it that Bookkeepers typically charge less than Accountants? During Accountex Manchester, we took center stage to discuss this hot topic which set our Facebook Community, 6 Figure Bookkeepers’ Club, abuzz.

During our talk, we discussed the results of a survey we ran to determine average hourly rates and compare the differences between bookkeepers and accountants. We found that bookkeepers charge £20-£35 per hour on average. According to our survey of members within the 6 Figure Bookkeepers’ Club, bookkeepers charge on average £20 per hour, and accountants charge on average £60 per hour.

Our goal with this discussion is to help:

Bookkeepers understand their value

Strengthen the relationship between bookkeeping and accounting

Emphasize the importance of community and relationship building

Episode Highlights:

1:00 Our story of becoming Bookkeeping professionals brought us together to create the 6-Figure Bookkeepers Club. Here we share what inspired us to start a conversation with bookkeepers and accounting professionals.

3:45 Conversations about pricing can be tough for a variety of reasons. We explored some of the reasons why this might be and delved into the post that divided our community and led to a deeper conversation around pricing.

7:12 What’s the difference between Bookkeepers that charged premium prices vs. those that undercharged? Here we discuss the many benefits of being a part of a community.

10:19 We can make many assumptions about why accountants’ and bookkeepers’ fees vary, but what do the facts tell us? Tune in to hear how surveying our group led to some exciting results.

13:21 Should bookkeepers charge hourly feed or a fixed fee? We discuss our experiences and why we aren’t fans of hourly billing.

18:21 Our goal with our community is to get Bookkeepers to see themselves as business owners. Here we explain why this shift is imperative to the growth and success of their businesses.

23:14 If you show clients how valuable your uniqueness is, you can charge more. Sounds simple, right? Learn how to show clients the value of your service and how it can help their business.


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