How to get more leads with live chat

The Bookkeepers’ Podcast discussing how to get more leads with live chat on your website.

In this episode of The Bookkeepers’ Podcast, we spoke to Lee Rennie from Melu about how to get more leads with live chat

Live chat vs chat bots

When you think of chat on a website, you probably think of chat bots. In this podcast we discussed how it is possible to have a live chat on your website without having to man it yourself.

Before you can make use of a chat function though, you need to get clients to your website, and you need to have a website in the first place. Let’s dive in to why that matters.

Why Websites are crucial for getting more leads

1. Round-the-Clock Accessibility

Unlike a physical storefront with fixed hours, a website is your business’s always-on ambassador. It allows current and prospective customers to explore your services, read about your company, and make decisions at their convenience, boosting your opportunity to capture leads and sales outside of traditional business hours.

2. Establishing Credibility and Trust

A professional website serves as a testament to your business’s legitimacy and professionalism. In an age where consumers turn to the internet to vet businesses before engaging with them, lacking an online presence can significantly hinder your credibility. A website filled with informative content, customer testimonials, and a clear depiction of your offerings can build trust and confidence among potential clients.

3. Marketing and Visibility

Your website is the cornerstone of your digital marketing efforts. Through search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, and social media integration, your website can attract a wider audience than traditional marketing methods alone. It’s not just about being seen; it’s about being found by the right people at the right time.

4. Control Over Your Brand

A website offers complete control over how your business is presented to the public. Unlike third-party platforms where policies and algorithms can change, your website remains a consistent, customizable space where you can accurately reflect your brand’s voice, values, and evolution.

Get more leads with live chat

While chatbots offer automation and efficiency, they fall short in delivering the personalised, empathetic customer service that live chat agents provide. Here’s why live chat holds a distinct advantage:

1. Understanding Nuances

Live chat agents can understand and respond to the subtleties of customer queries in a way that chatbots cannot. This human element ensures that complex questions are addressed appropriately, leading to higher customer satisfaction.

2. Building Relationships

Interactions with live agents can foster a sense of connection and loyalty between your business and its customers. Personalised conversations not only resolve issues more effectively but also open opportunities for upselling and cross-selling in a natural, engaging manner.

3. Immediate Problem-Solving

While chatbots can handle a set of predefined queries, they struggle with out-of-the-box questions. Live chat agents can think on their feet, providing immediate, creative solutions to unique customer problems.

4. Emotional Intelligence

The ability to empathise and adjust tone based on the customer’s emotional state is something only humans can do. Live chat agents can offer the understanding and reassurance that automated systems lack, turning potentially negative experiences into positive ones.

How to get more leads with live chat

A website is not just a digital footprint; it’s a dynamic tool for showcasing your business, building credibility, and engaging with customers on a deeper level. When complemented with live chat, it becomes a powerful platform for delivering exceptional customer service. While chatbots have their place in handling routine inquiries, the human touch of live chat offers unmatched benefits in understanding, empathy, and relationship-building. In the quest to stand out in a crowded digital landscape, investing in a well-designed website and human-centered live chat service is a strategy that pays dividends.

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