Free AML Training Series for Bookkeepers

Free AML Training for Bookkeepers

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations are an important part of every practice. The complexity of AML compliance, can be daunting, with the potential to induce cause stress for even the most experienced practice owners. We’re very lucky to have AML expert, Rebecca Williams supporting this community as one of our ambassadors. In this Free AML Training for Bookkeepers, four-video series, Rebecca shared the foundational principles of AML.

Free AML Training for Bookkeepers

Session 1: Introduction to AML

This session covered an introduction to AML for bookkeepers. We discussed best practices and daily integration of AML into your practice. We discussed the regulations and compliance requirements, we also discussed risk level of clients.

Session 2: Beneficial Owners

This session covered identifying beneficial owners, identification requirements, due diligence, and how to prepare for an AML inspection.

Session 3: Client Due Dilligence

This session covered client due diligence and risk assessment for AML purposes. We discussed the risks associated with remote clients and payroll and a number of other things to look out for when working with your clients.

Session 4: Q&A

The final session is a Q&A in which we discussed The Money Laundering Regulations and responsibilities of bookkeepers, MROs, detecting money laundering, and best practices for bookkeepers and accountants.

Watch the Free AML Training for Bookkeepers

We hope this free AML Training for Bookkeepers series helps you in your practice. Watch the full series, here.

Find out about Rebecca’s Masterclass and Training here.

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