Do bookkeepers need PR?

Public Relations (PR) is often perceived as a tool leveraged only by large businesses. In this episode of The Bookkeepers’ Podcast, we challenged this idea and discussed how PR can be used by small businesses as well.

Jo Swann of Chocolate PR described how PR is not just about advertising. It’s about creating meaningful connections, communicating effectively with audiences, and shaping public perception to enhance credibility and establish authority. If you’ve heard us speak about our Gold Service, this can make a huge difference to your expert status.

Becoming an expert

The podcast highlighted the crucial role of media in shaping public perception. Regardless of the size or status of a business, PR can provide a stamp of authority and trust. Launch PR, a specific type of PR that focuses on telling the story of why someone launched their business, can offer ready-made opportunities for media coverage.

Despite fears of negative media exposure, in the podcast, we reassured listeners that the media is not out to tear them down, but rather, to celebrate them. The narrative of people leaving corporate jobs to start businesses remains newsworthy, and if told compellingly, can be an effective tool for rebranding or launching a business.

PR for finding clients

PR can also play an instrumental role in finding clients for small businesses. By providing credibility and reaching new audiences, PR can lead to client acquisition through backchannel conversations and word-of-mouth referrals.

We discussed using PR to amplify one’s authority by sharing published articles as introductions to new people. It also encouraged celebrating one’s unique story and finding interesting elements to share, even if they seem mundane to the storyteller.

PR and Awards

The podcast discussed the controversial topic of paying for PR or awards. While some may see it as a fast track to gaining authority, both speakers agreed that it goes against the idea of earned media and can be perceived as insincere.

How to get started

If you’re new to PR, it starts with sharing your story. We discussed connecting your business to your story, creating a media bio for your business, and being emotionally prepared for interviews. Reflecting on past achievements can be helpful for building your confidence.

PR for bookkeepers?

Is there such a thing as PR for bookkeepers? There are plenty of opportunities for bookkeepers and we discussed how working with a PR agency could be a next step although there’s a lot you can do yourself as a business owner.

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