Consistency is key when it comes to social media

Most seasoned Bookkeepers with the choice of either “proving themselves” in a new organization or starting a business from the ground will choose the route of least resistance, the promise of a cushy corporate job. But Nicola Fallon saw entrepreneurship as the path toward work-life freedom she always dreamed of.

With 14 months of traction under her heels, this business owner, who boasts 27 years of corporate finance experience, is taking control of her life and business.

In this episode, Nicola discusses how she’s building her brand and the importance of networking in your backyard—she even shares tips on how you can tap into your community to promote your business and build relationships that will last a lifetime.

Don’t miss out on the valuable tips Nicola has to offer.

Episode Highlights:

0:34 Get to know Nicola Fallon, Founder of Virtual Accounts and Taxes and learn how this corporate veteran transitioned into entrepreneurship.

2:40 Nicola’s six degrees of separation with Ester, our favorite tutor, led to a chance encounter that helped Nicola launch her business. Listen to tips for finding mentors in your community.

2:50 Often, Bookkeepers have a wealth of experience but need more knowledge and confidence to launch their businesses. Listen as Nicola shares how she completed 12 exams in 12 months and found the courage to leap.

5:05 Does word-of-mouth marketing work? Nicola shares how she found her magnetic message after six months of putting out content. Grab your pens and get ready to take notes on the value of consistency.

8:09 Brillant branding doesn’t happen by chance. It occurs with the help of your community. Listen as we discuss the thought process behind Nicola’s brand assets and the secret to creating a brand with rockstar qualities.

11:07 Want to know how to increase your confidence–the answer is investing as much as you can in professional services. Learn the secret to feeling more confident and creating a value-based company. Here, Nicola shares advice for building confidence if you struggle to show up on social media.

14:19 Do you struggle to create a marketing strategy? Nicola takes us through the four-step process she follows when creating a content plan. Get the buzz on properly sharing other people’s content and how you can recruit others to help you with marketing.

20:48 How to connect with others online by starting conversations, using hashtags, and other tips.

24:10 Society has led us to believe that entrepreneurship is for the 25 to 35 crowd and everyone else should stick to their corporate day jobs. Nicola shares her advice for those looking to transition into entrepreneurship later in life and what she’s learned from the journey.

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