Bookkeeper Success Stories: Becky Bridges

In this episode of The Bookkeepers’ Podcast, hosts Jo and Zoe sit down with Rebecca Bridges to explore her unique bookkeeper success story. Rebecca’s career path took her from the NHS to corporate settings before she decided to establish her own bookkeeping practice. Her main motivation was to find a better work-life balance and cater to her children’s needs while her husband worked. Clients often seek Rebecca’s expertise when faced with financial challenges or tax-related issues.

Rebecca, driven by ambitious goals, took the proactive step of registering for VAT early on in her bookkeeping journey. Serendipitously, she stumbled upon The 6 Figure Bookkeepers’ Club group, which played a pivotal role in her decision to transition from a consultant to building her successful bookkeeping business. Now in her third year of business, Rebecca expertly manages her workload while simultaneously raising a teenager and an eleven-year-old. She expresses her wish to have discovered The 6 Figure Bookkeeper community earlier, recognising the invaluable support it provides for professional growth.

The conversation also touches on Rebecca’s experiences during the pandemic and how she skillfully navigated the challenges it presented. The concept of fear of success is explored, emphasising the importance of setting business goals even in uncertain times. Furthermore, the hosts discuss the significance of aligning household finances with business aspirations.

Rebecca shares insights into her business structure, revealing her penchant for managing multiple projects and her ideal client profile. The discussion extends to her team composition, with Rebecca maintaining consulting clients alongside her bookkeeping practice. With her workload at optimal capacity, Rebecca now dedicates approximately 20-25 hours per week to her business, ensuring a satisfying income. She credits her newfound confidence in working with larger limited companies to her affiliation with The 6 Figure Bookkeeper community.

Rebecca Bridges’ journey is an inspiring testament to the possibilities within the bookkeeping industry. Bookkeepers who are building their own businesses and seeking motivation will find valuable insights and encouragement in this conversation.

In this episode, you will discover:

The inspiring journey of Rebecca Bridges in the bookkeeping industry.
The benefits of early VAT registration and the transformative role of The 6 Figure Bookkeeper community.
Strategies for managing a bookkeeping practice while balancing family responsibilities.
Insights into navigating challenges and overcoming the fear of success.
The importance of setting business goals and aligning household finances for success.

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