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The Bookkeepers' Podcast - Episode 69
How bookkeepers can become financially independent with Catherine Morgan

In this episode of The Bookkeepers' Podcast, we spoke to Catherine Morgan to discuss how bookkeepers' can become financially independent.

On this episode of The Bookkeepers Podcast we loved speaking to Catherine Morgan. Catherine is a multi-award winning qualified financial planner and award-winning financial coach, on a mission to reduce financial anxiety and increase financial empowerment & resilience for 1 million women around the world. Featured as One of the top 32 female entrepreneurs to look out for in Business Leader. She is host to the top 1% global podcast ‘In Her Financial Shoes’ and founder of The Money Panel. 

We think you'll find this episode thought-provoking if you want to start to understand more about your own relationship with money and business, there were also some very honest shares. We covered:

  • Why financial planning is important for bookkeepers and our clients

  • What exercises bookkeepers can do to identify their or their clients’ money blocks and work through them

  • How we can switch from focusing on profit generation to wealth creation in business

  • The fear which bookkeepers have around leaving a secure job when they are early in their journey

  • What you can do to feel in control, and feel abundant and worry free.

  • How we can encourage our clients to be financially independent


0:00 Introduction

1:00 Introduction to Catherine Morgan

3:33 What is business planning

4:56 Money shame

10:30 What you need to know when you want to charge your worth

15:28 How to unpick money blocks

24:40 Money and wealth

26:28 Comparisonitis and imposter syndrome

29:05 Financial certifications

31:45 How to worry less about money

40:00 What does financial independence mean to you?

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